Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Global and local: Yousef's mother's story

THE world is a big place, but all of the really large events that make and shake our lives involve little people... like you and me.

That's the premise behind the very personal, engaging presentation that will take place in the Persian Tent at St John's Church this afternoon, from 4-6pm

Yousef Ahadi (pictured), owner of the Persian Rug Village in Edinburgh, shares the real-life story of his mother.

She battled for almost a century against the authoritarian regimes of Stalin, the Shah of Iran and the international forces of occupation and exploitation in the East.

Eventually she found herself a serene and peaceful resting place beside her children in Turkey. It's a story of pain, courage, love and inspiration.

Come along to talk with Yousef, to gain a new insight into Iran, the Middle East, Turkey and much more... and enjoy some wonderful tea and food in the Persian Tent while you are there.

It's open throughout Just Festival, by the way: an oasis of tranquility in the midst of a vibrant but hectic period in the life of Scotland's capital.

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